How to Turn on Bluetooth on Windows XP Professional

By Chad Buleen

Many computers can use Bluetooth technology.
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Although Bluetooth is a name brand, the technology these devices use has become synonymous with wireless devices that connect to electronics like computers and cell phones. Some of the Bluetooth devices you can use with computers include wireless mice, wireless keyboards and wireless head sets. Most computers with modern operating systems--including Windows XP Professional--have features that allow users to easily connect their Bluetooth devices to them.

Place batteries in your Bluetooth device. Turn it on.

Click on the "Start" menu on your computer's home screen. Then select "Run." A small window will appear on the screen.

Type "bthprops.cpl" into the window and select "Enter." A new screen will appear that includes a "Bluetooth Settings" menu.

Under "Bluetooth Settings" click on the "Add" button. The Bluetooth Device Wizard will start to run.

Click on the "My device is set up and ready to be found" check box. Then click "Next." A list of detectable Bluetooth devices will appear.

Select the Bluetooth device you want to add and click "Next." You have now turned on your Bluetooth device.