How to Turn on Bluetooth in Windows 7

By Dan Stone

Laptops may have a button toggle to turn on Bluetooth functionality.
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Computers running Windows 7 will automatically turn on connected Bluetooth adapters as along as the adapter is installed and has power. Computers can use Bluetooth wireless technology to connect to devices like keyboards, mice and headsets. Bluetooth is a low-range radio-based communication standard that's also commonly used with cellular phones.

Install the Hardware and Driver

If your Windows 7 computer has a built-in Bluetooth adapter or is using an external USB Bluetooth adapter, the adapter needs to be installed before it can turn on. Windows 7 may recognize an external Bluetooth adapter or dongle as soon as it is plugged in or a non-configured internal Bluetooth device on startup and automatically begin the installation process. If Windows 7 does not immediately recognize the Bluetooth adapter you can either download the adapter's drivers from the device's manufacturer's support website or run Windows Update. The Bluetooth adapter will begin broadcasting as soon as the drivers finish installing.

Bluetooth Toggle Button

The keyboard shortcut will feature the Bluetooth "B" logo.
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Laptops that come equipped with a built-in Bluetooth adapter may feature a keyboard toggle button that can enable and disable Bluetooth functionality. Since the Bluetooth adapter is internal, Windows 7 doesn't feature the ability to turn it on or off by removing it once installed: the keyboard shortcut enables this feature. You may want to turn off Bluetooth on a laptop to save battery life if you're not using it. The shortcut key will have the Bluetooth logo on it and is activated by simultaneously pressing the "FN" key and the shortcut key.