How to Transfer a Picture from a Samsung Cell Phone to a Computer with Bluetooth

By Jocelyn Kerr

Use Bluetooth to wirelessly transfer pictures from your Samsung cell phone to your computer.
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Transfer pictures from your Samsung cell phone to your computer with the Bluetooth function on your phone. Your computer needs to have an internal Bluetooth device or an external USB Bluetooth receiver installed before you can connect with your phone via Bluetooth. You'll need to "pair" the devices the first time you transfer so they'll be able to communicate. After this initial pairing, the phone and computer will automatically recognize each other when they're in range. Make sure your phone is within 30 feet of your computer so the Bluetooth signal is strong while you transfer the photos.

Step 1

Press the menu button on your phone and navigate to "Settings," then "Connectivity" and then "Bluetooth." Menu names may vary depending on your phone model. Look for labels like "Wireless & Networks" or similar if you don't see "Connectivity."

Step 2

Select "Enable" and "Visible." This turns Bluetooth on and makes the phone "discoverable" so the computer can find it.

Step 3

Enable Bluetooth on your computer if it isn't already turned on. You should see the Bluetooth icon, a stylized letter B, in your toolbar near the system clock. If you don't see it there, for Windows, go to "Control Panel" and then "Hardware and Sound." Click "Bluetooth Devices," then "Add" and follow the prompts that appear. On a Mac, open "System Preferences," click the Bluetooth icon and then click "On."

Step 4

Enter the Exchange PIN code on both devices if prompted. Some phones will not prompt you and will automatically pair. The default Samsung pass code is 0000. A Bluetooth dialog box opens on your computer when the pairing is complete.

Step 5

Select "File Transfer" or "Browse Device" from the dialog box, depending on your operating system and Bluetooth software. A list of the phone's files appears.

Step 6

Navigate to the pictures you want to transfer. Select them and drag them to your desktop or a folder on your computer. You can also right-click and copy the pictures and then paste them into a folder on your computer. This leaves the original on your phone.