How to Transfer From Mac to PC With Bluetooth

by David Weedmark

Files can be transferred from a Mac to a PC using Bluetooth once both computers have been configured to communicate with each other. Both the Mac and the PC must have Bluetooth installed, and the computers should be at least 30 feet from each other, or closer. Bluetooth transfers are limited to about 50 kilobytes per second, so transferring large amounts of data will take some time. As well, Bluetooth transfers can only accommodate one file at at time.


Enable Bluetooth sharing on the PC by clicking on "Start > All Programs > Accessories," then clicking on the "Open the Bluetooth File Transfer Wizard." Once the Wizard opens, click on "Next." Then click on "Receive a File." Click "Next" again.


Enable Bluetooth sharing on the Mac by clicking on the Apple icon on the top-left corner of the desktop. Click on "System Preferences." Then click on the Bluetooth icon. Check the "On" option.


Click on the plus sign in the bottom-left of the Mac's Bluetooth window. This will activate the Bluetooth Setup Assistant. The PC will be listed. Select it and click on "Continue."


Enable file sharing from the Mac by opening "Systems Preferences" again. Then click on the Sharing icon. Check the box next to "Bluetooth Sharing", located at the bottom of the list of options.


Locate the file you want to share from the Mac in Finder. Press the "Ctrl" key, and click on the file. Click on "More" in the pop-up menu, then select "Send To." A pop-up menu will appear the first time you share a file using Bluetooth. Select the PC from this list. (Next time, the PC will appear as soon as you select "Send To," without the pop-up menu.)


On the PC, click "Yes" when the pop-up menu appears asking if you want to accept the file transfer. The file will begin transferring immediately.

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