How to Transfer Contacts to an SCH-U640

By Nade Xro

Transfer your phone contacts to the Samsung Convoy via Bluetooth.
i John Foxx/Stockbyte/Getty Images

The SCH-U640, more commonly known as the Convoy, is a clamshell mobile phone created by Samsung. It is an attractive phone, designed to withstand heat and humidity. When purchasing a new phone, you need to transfer all of your personal information, such as your contacts. This can be easily done via Bluetooth.

Switch on your Samsung device, enter the PIN if prompted and wait for it to fully load.

Open the "Menu," then scroll down to and select "Bluetooth." Turn the Bluetooth "On" and make the device "Visible."

Access the phone book in the other device, scroll down to a contact you wish to transfer and press "Options."

Select "Send Business Card" and choose "Via Bluetooth."

Wait for the phone to finish searching for devices, then select your Samsung device from the results list.

Accept the connection on your Samsung device and wait for the transfer to complete.