How to Transfer Contacts & Calendars to a New Cell Phone

By Amanda Holden

Many methods exist for transferring information between mobile devices.
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Purchasing a new cell phone, while often an exciting experience, can involve the task of transferring all vital data from the prior cell phone to the newer one. In today's online culture no one wants to lose any important data, such as contact information or carefully planned calendar entries. The tediousness of re-entering information manually has led manufacturers to offer several faster options for the sake of convenience.

Account Sync

Certain account services, such as Google, offer convenient and easy ways to transfer contacts and calendar information from one device to another. Using Google as an example for this option, a user creates an account with Google, signs in and chooses to "sync" the information on the older device to the Google account. On the new cell phone, the user simply installs Google's software, signs into her account and chooses to sync all account information to the new device. Once completed, all prior contacts and calendar information will reside in the new cell phone.

Direct Transfer

Cell phone vendors can directly transfer some information between devices using equipment kept within their stores, typically involving a cable providing a direct connection between the two phones. An individual can purchase similar equipment from third party manufacturers. Individual cell phone companies also offer backup options, either through account syncing or a cloud service, such as Verizon's Backup Assistant Plus.


If both the old phone and the new one have Bluetooth wireless capability, you can use Bluetooth to transfer one contact or calendar item at a time to the new phone. Enable Bluetooth on both devices and link them through the older cell phone. Select the new cell phone under the list of devices and choose the option Send Name Card. This allows the user to select contacts of choice to send to the new phone. To transfer calendar information, choose Send Calendar Event and select the events to send to the new phone.

Manual Transfer

In the event that there is no direct cable or wireless connection available, the user must resort to manually entering all contact and calendar information on the new phone. This method remains straightforward and simple, and it provides the opportunity for doing some "spring cleaning" as any old information from the previous phone can simply be ignored and not entered on the new phone.

Backup Applications

If the other options don't hold appeal, there are many backup apps on the market to choose from. These apps vary widely in quality and capability, so carefully review feedback on each app before choosing one to which you feel comfortable entrusting your vital contact and calendar information. Some mobile devices even come with a program that allows you to back up data directly to a file on your computer for easy installation on a new device. If you decide to use a cloud service or third-party backup application, keep in mind that highly sensitive information (such as bank account numbers) should be encrypted if possible prior to backup.