How to: PC to TV Bluetooth

By Michelle Carvo

Updated September 22, 2017

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Many TVs today come with built-in Bluetooth capability allowing users to stream media from a PC to a TV via Bluetooth. However, if either your TV or PC doesn't have Bluetooth, you still have options. Note that streaming from your PC to your TV is limited to audio due to data transmission limitations on Bluetooth.

Hooking Up a PC to a TV With Built-In Bluetooth

If your existing PC and TV happen to have built-in Bluetooth capability, then the process for hooking these up together is easy.

From Windows:

To connect the devices via Bluetooth from the PC’s end on Windows 8/10, simply click the “Start” button, then “Settings” and “Devices,” followed by “Bluetooth & other devices.” Make sure that Bluetooth is toggled “On” which makes it discoverable to other devices. Click the “Pair” icon listed under your TV’s Bluetooth device option on Windows. Once the device says “Connected” you will be able to play audio from your PC to your TV.

On Windows 7, the process is slightly different. Click the "Start" button and then "Devices and Printers," followed by "Add a device." Then click the device that you would like to connect to, followed by "Next."

From the TV:

To hook up your PC to your TV via Bluetooth from the TV’s end, you typically need to go to “Settings” and then “Sound,” followed by “Sound Output” on your TV. Select “Speaker List” and then select the PC under “Speaker List” or “Devices” to pair it. Select “OK” if prompted to approve the connection. Once the PC icon on your TV says “Connected,” you will be able to stream audio from your PC to your TV.

Hooking Up a PC Without Bluetooth to a TV With Bluetooth

If your PC has no built-in Bluetooth, one option is to use a Bluetooth adapter plugged into your PC’s USB port.

A second option is to install a Bluetooth PCI-e adapter on your PC. This is more expensive and time consuming, but the Bluetooth signal strength is often stronger than a USB Bluetooth adapter’s. This may be important if your PC is not close to your TV.

Hooking Up a PC With Bluetooth to a TV Without Bluetooth

If your TV does not have Bluetooth built-in, then there are still a couple options available. The easiest and cheapest is a Bluetooth 3.5mm transmitter. The transmitter plugs into the audio-out input of your TV and enables your TV audio to be streamed via Bluetooth to your PC or sound system. Your TV's video cannot be streamed via Bluetooth due to limitations.

Another option is a Bluetooth HDMI transmitter. These tend to be slightly more expensive than a Bluetooth 3.5 transmitter but offer more options. The Bluetooth HDMI transmitter plugs into your HDMI input on your TV and enables you to stream audio from your PC to your TV. This option still does not support streaming video, however.