How to Sync Your Cell Phone and Your Computer With Bluetooth

by Contributor

For some people, a mobile phone is an extension of themselves. They carry everything in their phones: e-mail addresses, the numbers of family and friends, work contacts and more. Rather than risk losing all of this information, you should sync your cell phone and your computer with Bluetooth technology. The short-range wireless networking allows you to save the information from your cell phone to your computer's hard drive from across the room. Read on to learn how to sync your cell phone and your computer with Bluetooth.

Buy cell phone syncing software for your computer. You will need software that lets your cell phone and computer "talk" to each other.

Install the software on your computer. Make sure that the installation has been completed properly before continuing to sync your cell phone and your computer with Bluetooth.

Register your phone. Once the software is installed, create the connection between your cell phone and your computer by using Bluetooth. Find the "System Preferences" menu and click on the "Bluetooth" icon.

Sync your files. If the connection has been properly established, your cell phone will sync to your computer each time you open Bluetooth.

Give your computer time to work while the synchronization process is occurring. Do not shut down your phone or turn off your computer.


  • check Make sure that the cell phone software is compatible with both your phone and your computer, as well as with Bluetooth technology.
  • check Sync your phone to your computer often to avoid losing important information.


  • close Bluetooth connections are less than ideal for syncing purposes. Short loss of signal events can disrupt the transfer of information and may cause you to lose vital data.

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