How to Sync Cellphones

by Jessica Frame

Enabling Bluetooth between two cell phones allows you to send and receive pictures, video and contact information from one cell phone to another. Connecting two cell phones through Bluetooth can be done in a matter of minutes, allowing you to send and receive any files you want from another cell phone in range of your phone's Bluetooth.

Locate and select the "Bluetooth Set Up" menu under the "Settings" or "Tools" menu on both cell phones.

Select "Add New Device" or "Locate Device" under the Bluetooth menu.

Allow a few seconds for the Bluetooth from each cell phone to locate one another.

Find the cell phone you have synced to and select it from the Bluetooth menu.

Enter a password if prompted to sync to the other cell phone.

Send and receive files from one phone to the other. When you select the cell phone you have synced to, a new menu will appear allowing you to send files. A message will appear on the phone when you have received a new file from the other cell phone.

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