What Is Sony DMP?

By John Lister

Some MP3 players, Bluetooth devices and other gadgets connect to Digital Media Ports.
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The Sony Digital Media Port is a socket on some older Sony audio-video receivers that provides a way to connect other devices to the receiver. These include Sony Walkman MP3 players, iPods, Bluetooth devices and Wi-Fi-enabled computers. Sony no longer produces the necessary docks and adapters to use the DMP, but you can find them used if you'd like to add functionality to your old receiver.


In 2007 Sony began adding a Digital Media Port to several of its AV receivers and home-theater-in-a-box devices, which combine an AV receiver and a DVD or Blu-ray player in one unit. It later added the DMP to some hi-fi systems. The DMP was a proprietary socket, meaning only Sony manufactured or approved devices could plug into it. Sony then offered a range of devices and adapters that plugged into the DMP and enabled different portable or computing devices to connect to the system and provide an audio source.


The TDM-BT1 is a disc-shaped device that plugs into the DMP and then connects to portable audio devices via Bluetooth. The TDM-BT1 must be in line of sight of your portable device and will work over a range of up to 10 feet. The cable connecting the TDM-BT1 to your Sony receiver is three feet long, so it should be easy to place it in a position with line of sight.


Sony's TDM-IP1 is an iPod dock that plugs into the DMP. It includes an adjustable casing so it can support iPod models of different thicknesses. The dock enables you play videos from the iPod, but this means routing an extra cable from the dock to the TV rather than through the receiver; this is because the DMP is audio-only.


The TDM-NC1 is a cube-shaped device that plugs into the DMP and then connects to a computer via Wi-Fi. This enables you to play songs from the computer's hard drive on your audio system. The device has a display screen on the front showing details of the track currently playing.


A circular cradle that plugs into the DMP, the TDM-NW1 enables you to connect a Sony Walkman MP3 player to the AV receiver. It's compatible only with some Walkman devices. The TDM-NW1 can also charge your Walkman device while it's in the cradle. Like the other DMP accessories, the TDM-NW1 doesn't need a separate power supply or batteries as it gets all the operating power it needs from the AV receiver itself through the DMP connection.


As of October 2012 none of the Sony adaptors and devices for the DMP are still available to buy new. Would-be buyers may have been put off by the prospect of buying an adapter or device that would become useless if they ever changed to a different brand of receiver or switched to a Sony model that didn't include the DMP. All the Sony receivers with a DMP have been replaced with a later model that drops the port, though you may still be able to buy the older models with a DMP new from some retailers or as a used product.