What Is a Digital Media Port?

by Eleanor Evans
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A Digital Media Port is a physical outlet used to connect digital media devices to Sony-manufactured audio and video accessories such as home theaters and memory cards. The DMP is currently made exclusively by Sony, that also has a trademark on the name "Digital Media Port."


Sony released the Digital Media Port in 2007 to connect bluetooth-enabled devices, MP3 players, smartphones and other gadgets to high-definition-quality home theater systems that the company released at the same time.


Sony has trademarked the Digital Media Port and it is the only way to connect to their DMP-equipped home theater systems and accessories. Sony made a line of docking stations and adapters to make a number of devices from other manufacturers compatible with the Sony systems.


The iPhone, iPod and a number of Sony devices are among the many items that are either directly compatible or can be connected to an adapter to connect with the Digital Media Port interface.


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