How to Set Up a Bluetooth LAN

By Kay Tang

Updated April 25, 2017

Bluetooth is an inexpensive option to share files and printers between two computers. As a short-range wireless network, the Bluetooth personal area network (PAN) allows you to link a desktop PC to a laptop and other Bluetooth devices. Before you set up the Bluetooth connection, you will need to install Bluetooth USB adapters in the computers.

Right-click on "My Computer" and select "Properties." When the "System Properties" menu pops up, go to the "Computer Name" tab.

Press the "Change" button on the "Computer Name" window. The computer name will become the name of the Bluetooth device on a second computer that your computer has recognized. Once the computer name and work group change, restart your computer.

Plug in the Bluetooth adapters into both computers. Go to the Device Manager and click on "Network Connections." If the Bluetooth device is installed correctly, a Bluetooth Network Connection should appear under "Personal Area Network" with the Bluetooth stack driver on the first computer.

Check "Network Connections" on the second computer. If the Bluetooth device is installed correctly, the Bluetooth adapter will show up as a Local Area Connection under "LAN" or "High-Speed Internet."

Go to "Bluetooth Settings" on the second computer. Click on "Service Properties." Check the "PAN Networking Service" on the "Service Properties" window of the second computer.

Go back to the first computer. Right-click on the Bluetooth task bar icon. From the drop-down menu, select “Join a Personal Area Network.” The Bluetooth Personal Area Network window should pop up.

Click “Add.” The “Add Bluetooth Device Wizard” should open. Check “My device is set up and ready to be found” on this window. The Wizard will then search for Bluetooth devices within range.

Once the Wizard identifies the second computer, click "Next." In the next window, the Wizard will ask you for a passkey or PIN before creating a connection to the second computer. You can input your own passkey or allow Windows to generate one for you.

The second computer will then prompt you to plug in your passkey. Type in the passkey and press "OK." If the connection process was successful, you will then end on a window with an enabled "Finish" button.

Once finished, you will return to the Bluetooth Personal Area Network window. The second computer will appear under "Direct Connections." Select it. Then press "Connect" to begin a Personal Area Network connection that is your own LAN.

Items you will need

  • Bluetooth software

  • Two computers