How to Set up a Bluetooth Keyboard

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You just bought your new Bluetooth keyboard and are eager to use it. The only thing standing in your way is having to set it up. Installing a new piece of technology can be intimidating, but never fear. Today's technologies are designed specifically to be user-friendly. A few simple key points to remember will allow you to set up and use your Bluetooth keyboard in a matter of minutes.

Place the appropriate number and type of batteries into your keyboard. Most Bluetooth keyboards take three AA batteries.

Run a USB cable from your computer to a Bluetooth adapter if you don't have Bluetooth capability built in to your computer.

Turn on the keyboard, which will prompt your computer to recognize it. Then (if you're running Windows) open the "Bluetooth Devices" item from the Control Panel. If you have a Mac, you should open the Bluetooth Setup Assistant from your System Preferences panel before switching on the keyboard.

Find the "Hardware and Sound" item in the Control Panel of your PC. Click "Bluetooth Devices," then click "Add." A dialog box will appear on your screen. Follow the computer's prompts to complete the keyboard setup.

Choose "keyboard" from the "Select Devices" panel of the Bluetooth Setup Assistant if you're working on a Mac. You can now switch on the keyboard. After a moment, your specific keyboard model should appear in the device list. Select it, then hit "Continue" and use the keyboard to type your password if prompted. The computer will complete the remainder of the setup automatically.

Take advantage of any tutorials that are on your computer when setting up your keyboard. For an example of a visual tutorial, see the instructions from Microsoft to be walked through the process (see Resources below).


  • check If you don't have a tech support number or cannot get help from an owner's manual, go to Tech Republic for help with your setup (see Resources below).


  • close If you have a keyboard that is of a different brand than that of your computer, it may be more difficult to link the two devices, or to obtain tech support to set it up.

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