How to Send a Sound to Bluetooth Headphones From the PC

by Derek King
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The are several types of Bluetooth enabled devices that can be connected to computers, including Bluetooth headsets. The headset will control all incoming and outgoing sounds wirelessly. Upon connecting a headset, a user can communicate in video and audio conferencing, online games or phone calls. Connecting the headset only takes a few steps and can be completed in minutes.

Step 1

Set your specific [Bluetooth]( headset to its "Discovery" mode. In this mode, the Bluetooth headset will make itself discoverable to the computer, making it easy to connect. First ensure that the headset is turned on. Press and hold the headset's button for several seconds until the LED light begins to flash.

Step 2

Click the Windows logo in the bottom left portion of the screen to access the "Start" menu. Select the "Control Panel" link located on the right side of the menu. In control panel, locate the section labeled "Hardware and Sound." Click on the blue "Add a Device" link to search for Bluetooth devices.

Allow several minutes for the computer to search the area for the Bluetooth headset. Review the list of found devices, and locate the Bluetooth headset (usually listed by its name, along with an image of a headset). Click the icon to the headset, then click "Next" at the bottom of the window. Allow a few minutes for the computer to pair the device. You will receive a notification of a successful connection.


  • Read your Bluetooth headset's manual for detailed instructions on how to make the device discoverable.


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