How to Send MP3 Files to My Cell Phone

By Palmer Owyoung

Send MP3 files to your phone
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Having an MP3 player built into your cell phone can be a Godsend on those long crowded bus, or train rides to and from work. You can close your eyes, turn on the music and turn off the world even if it is just for 20 or 30 minutes each day. It's easy to send new MP3 files to your cell phone.

USB Data Transfer Cable

Buy a data-cable kit for your cell phone. This will allow your phone and your computer to communicate with one another.

Put the CD-rom that came with your kit into your computer. Windows will ask you if you would like to install the software and drivers. Click "Yes" and follow the instructions laid out by the installation wizard.

Insert the cable into the bottom of your cell phone and connect the other into your computer via the USB port. Wait a few seconds for Windows to detect the new hardware. Since you installed the drivers earlier Windows will recognize your cell phone as an additional drive.

Click on "Start Menu" in Windows and go to " MyComputer." You will see your mobile phone and it will be listed as one of the drives.

Select the MP3 files that you want to transfer and drag and drop them onto the cell phone icon listed under "My Computer." It will take a minute or two for them to copy. When they are finished disconnect the cables.

Access the MP3s by going to the main menu on your cell phone and then selecting your MP3 player. You will see the songs on your playlist.

Using Bluetooth

Go to the "Main Menu" of your phone and then to "Settings" and "Bluetooth." Turn the Bluetooth and choose "Make Discoverable."

Go to the "Start Menu" in Windows then to "Control Panel," and "Bluetooth Devices." Click on "Add Wireless Device." A new screen will appear with Bluetooth devices that are available to pair with.

Find your cell phone and click "Next." Your devices will take a minute or so to pair.

Enter a PIN number into your phone. The default is generally 0000 (zeroes) or 8888. Enter the same PIN number into your computer and wait until you get the message "Devices Successfully Paired.

Go to the MP3 files that you wish to transfer and right click on them and select "Send To," and then "Via Bluetooth." Find your phone on the list of devices and select it. The MP3 files will transfer usually in 30 seconds to a minute.