How to Send a Calendar Via Bluetooth to an Android

by Palmer Owyoung

Bluetooth technology allows you to synchronize all of your devices wirelessly and at the touch of a button. So, if you want to send your calendar from your laptop to your Android mobile phone, then you can do it in just minutes. This way you will always know where you need to be even if your not at your computer.

Step 1

Turn your Android mobile phone on, and go the "Menu" then go to "BlueTooth Settings." Select "Make Discoverable."  

Step 2

Turn on your other [Bluetooth]( device that you are beaming the calendar from. Go to the "Menu" and to "Bluetooth Settings." Select "Find Bluetooth Devices." Locate the Android phone from the list of available devices and select it. You will be asked for a pin code to complete the pairing. The default is usually either "8888" or "0000" (zeroes).

Step 3

Open up the calendar on the sending device. Press and hold the event that you want to send, and then on the menu that will follow, select "Share Calendar" and then click "Bluetooth."

Accept the file on your Android by clicking the "OK" button. It will take a minute or so for the file to transfer. Once it has finished, you will get a message confirming that the transfer is complete.


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