How to Reset My Plantronics

by Scott Knickelbine

Plantronics Bluetooth headsets link automatically to the USB Bluetooth adapters that ship with them. They also pair easily with any Bluetooth-compatible cell phone, and once they're paired, there's generally no need to reset them. If however, your headset has somehow "forgotten" your adapter or your phone--or if you're trying to link with a new device--it's fairly easy to reset the linkage. The precise procedure will vary by the headset and phone model, but in general the instructions for re-pairing are similar across most models.

Resetting the Pairing with the USB Adapter

Step 1

Press and hold the power button on the headset until the indicator light begins to flash red and blue. This puts the headset in pairing mode.

Step 2

Press the pairing button on the USB adapter until the indicator light on the adapter begins to flash.

Wait until the pairing light on the USB adapter turns a solid blue. This indicates the pairing process has been successfully completed.

Resetting the Pairing with a Mobile Phone

Step 1

Enable [Bluetooth]( on your mobile phone. For most phones, this is located in the Connections menu that should be part of the Settings. On an iPhone, this is set in Bluetooth, which is in the General Settings screen.

Step 2

Press and hold the pairing button on the USB adapter until the pairing light flashes red and blue.

Step 3

Initiate the search for Bluetooth devices on the mobile phone. This command is usually found in the Bluetooth menu once Bluetooth has been enabled on the phone. On an iPhone, the phone will automatically search for nearby Bluetooth devices when Bluetooth has been enabled.

Step 4

Select the device "PROPlantronics" from the Bluetooth devices the phone discovers.

Step 5

Enter four zeros when the phone asks for a passkey.

Wait until the indicator light on the headset turns blue; this indicates the headset and the phone have paired successfully.


  • Use caution when pressing buttons on the USB adapter. Place two fingers under the adapter and press the button with your thumb. Failing to support the USB adapter while pressing down on it can damage your computer's USB port.


  • Before you try re-pairing your headset with another device, try powering off and then powering on the headset to make sure the problem isn't simply a temporary processing error.


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