How to Reset a Motorola Bluetooth

By Michelle Carvo

Updated September 21, 2017

Reset your Motorola Bluetooth device if the connection is suddenly lost and cannot be automatically recovered, or if you’d like to use your headset or phone with another Bluetooth device. Whether you’re using a Motorola Android device or a Motorola Bluetooth headset, the steps for resetting the Bluetooth device are straightforward.

Try A Soft Reset First

Although it is often necessary to fully reset either the headset or Android device’s Bluetooth connection, sometimes a soft reset will fix the problem on your Android device. There are two options for a soft reset of your Android’s Bluetooth connection. First, go to your phone’s Settings section by tapping the “Apps” icon followed by “Settings.” From there, tap the “Bluetooth" icon and then toggle it off. Toggle it back on and see if your Bluetooth device connects successfully again.

If turning Bluetooth off and back on again does not resolve the problem, then try the other soft reset option, which is to power your Android device off and then back on again. Hold down the power button on your Android device for 10 seconds or until the screen goes black. Power the device back on, and your Bluetooth connection should work again.

Reset Motorola Bluetooth Headsets

If you want to set your Motorola Bluetooth headset up with a new phone or other device then you'll need to reset the connection. The process for resetting a Motorola Bluetooth headset is the same regardless of model number. Turn on your headset and then press and hold the call and volume buttons. Hold down the buttons for 10 seconds until the status light turns to blue which signals that the connection has been reset. You are now free to pair the headset with your device.

Reset Motorola Android Devices on Android 5.0 or Above

If your Bluetooth device no longer connects to your Motorola Android device, resetting the phone or tablet’s Bluetooth connection may resolve the problem. Go to your phone’s Settings section by tapping the “Apps” icon followed by tapping “Settings.” From there, tap the “Bluetooth” icon and then the device you want to reset. Tap “Unpair” and then reconnect the Bluetooth device to your phone or tablet as you normally would.

Reset Motorola Android Devices on Android 4.4 or Below

The process for resetting Motorola Android Bluetooth devices on Android 5.0 or below is slightly different. Tap the “Apps” hard button on your phone and then tap “System Settings.” From there, locate and select the device you want to reset under “Available Devices.” Tap “Unpair” and then proceed to reconnect the Bluetooth device.