How to Remove Deleted Texts From My Phone

by Palmer Owyoung

You may have deleted a text from a phone only to find out that it's not really gone. It can easily be recovered by a forensic device designed to retrieve deleted text messages by someone who knows what they are doing. So if you have secrets that you need to keep hidden, you should know how to remove deleted texts from your phone permanently.


Delete your text messages manually by clicking on the message and selecting "Delete" or go to your menu and use the "Delete All" button. However, this won't completely remove the text; it only makes it unavailable. If someone were to come along with a text message recovery tool, they could make it available again and read your messages.


Have a friend send you text messages or send yourself several text messages with a free online texting service (See resources below) until your inbox is full. This overwrites the old message memory in your phone so that the deleted message is no longer available.


Go through these messages and delete them by using the "Delete all" function on your phone. This will ensure that all deleted texts have been permanently removed from your phone.

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