How to Recover Text Messages

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SMS messages provide a common communication method between cell phone users. Accidentally deleting a text message normally does not cause a problem. But deleting a text message with important information is a problem. Carriers do not provide text message recovery services to customers. Several recovery devices and programs exist if your phone uses a SIM card. SIM cards store a phone's information and data such as text messages. A recovery program can sometimes retrieve recently deleted SMS messages.

Step 1

Purchase and install SIMCon. At the time of publication, SIMCon is available for approximately $130. Insert the SIM card into a reader and run SIMCon to recover recently deleted messages and export them.

Step 2

Purchase and install Sim Card Data Recovery. At the time of publication, Sim Card Data Recovery is available for approximately $70. This program works with a card reader to recover deleted data that is unavailable to the phone. It attempts to recover any and all deleted data including contact information, SMS messages and drafts.

Purchase the Cell Phone Spy. At the time of publication, the Cell Phone Spy is available for approximately $100. This device works with the included software to transfer all data from a SIM card for editing and viewing, including recently deleted text messages. It also includes a feature to export retrieved data such as contacts to a new SIM card.

Items you will need

  • USB SIM card reader for recovery programs

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