How to Reconnect a Forgotten Bluetooth Device on an iPad

By William Pullman

Forgotten Bluetooth connections are reestablished when you pair the device with the iPad.
i Cameron Spencer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The iPad comes with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect to headsets, keyboards and other Bluetooth-compatible devices. This connectivity makes the iPad useful in many settings, as it has functionality similar to a laptop computer. When a device is connected to the iPad through Bluetooth, an option appears to forget the connection. Once the connection is forgotten, you have to reconnect the Bluetooth device to the iPad.

Step 1

Tap the "Settings" icon on the home screen and select "General" in the left menu.

Step 2

Tap "Bluetooth" in the right panel to open the "Bluetooth" panel.

Step 3

Touch "Off" next to "Bluetooth" to turn on Bluetooth, if it isn't already on. The iPad starts searching for available Bluetooth devices.

Step 4

Turn on pairing mode on the device that you are connecting to the iPad. Each device has a different method for turning on pairing mode, but many have a dedicated button, such as the power button, that you need to hold down for several seconds to place the device in pairing mode. The name of the device appears under "Devices" when it is discovered by the iPad.

Step 5

Tap the name of the device to connect it to the iPad.

Step 6

Enter the device passcode when prompted by the iPad, if the device requires a passcode. Passcode information is supplied with the device you are connecting to the iPad, or the iPad provides you with the passcode you need to enter on the device.