How to Print Via Bluetooth With the iPad

By Brandon Getty

Print directly from your iPad using an app of your choice.
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Whether you're a traveling executive working at a remote office or a hard-working student, Apple's iPad device is great for catching up on work and staying organized while on the go. If you're working on a draft report or come across a passage from a book you can't pass up, you can print directly from your iPad using a Bluetooth connection. To begin printing, you'll need a third-party app that enables Bluetooth pairing, a Bluetooth printer and in some cases, a computer with compatible print server software.

Step 1

Enable Bluetooth connectivity on your iPad by tapping "Settings" and then "General." Tap the "Bluetooth" pane and move the slider bar to the "On" position.

Step 2

Enable Bluetooth connectivity on your printer by pressing the button on the user interface with a Bluetooth icon printed on it. Depending on which printer you're using, the steps required to enable Bluetooth may vary. Refer to the owner's manual for specific information about Bluetooth connectivity.

Step 3

Download and install a Bluetooth printing app for your iPad from the App Store -- PrintCentral is one. Tap the app's icon when it finishes installing.

Step 4

Install a print server software program on your computer if the app requires it. This is required for the printer to recognize the incoming print job. Launch the application when it finishes downloading.

Step 5

Locate and open the item you wish to print by tapping the corresponding icon. To print an important email, tap the "Mail" icon and browse to the specific message. To print a photo, tap the "Photos" icon and browse to the desired image.

Step 6

Tap the printer icon from the Item menu. A list of printers within Bluetooth range will be displayed. Select your printer from the list.

Step 7

Tap the "Print" option to initiate the connection and begin the print job.