How to Play Pandora Through MMI in an Audi

by Andrew McClain
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Car audio has come a long way from the old push-button radios with an analog dial. Today's systems, like the Audi Multimedia, combines radio, satellite radio and navigation to keep you informed and entertained as you head to your next destination. You can also use the car's built-in Bluetooth system to enhance your entertainment options. The Audi MMI system will let you stream music from services like Pandora from your phone using Bluetooth.

Step 1

Press "TEL" to open the Telephone menu.

Step 2

Press "Settings," and then select "Bluetooth."

Step 3

Select "Bluetooth audio player," and then select "On."

Step 4

Scroll down through the options and select "Bonded [Bluetooth]( devices," and then select your phone from the list.

Select the "Audio player" option, and then choose "Connect." You will be able to play Pandora over your car's audio system.


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