How to Play Music From an iPhone on the Computer via Bluetooth

By Brandon Getty

Stream music from your iPhone to your computer using Bluetooth.
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Your iPhone also serves as a personal audio player and can transmit music to your computer over a stable Bluetooth connection. If you have a speaker system attached to your computer, you can enjoy a listening experience that rivals many stereo systems. Though the iPhone features Bluetooth capability, third-party software will be required in order to transfer and play your audio.

Step 1

Download and install Bluetooth software of your choice. Some options include Bluesoleil, Broadcom and Stonestreet. In order to use the complete version of each program, purchase is required. Following installation, restart your computer if prompted.

Step 2

Connect your Bluetooth adapter, also referred to as a dongle, to your computer's USB port if your computer does not have Bluetooth capability built-in.

Step 3

Open your Bluetooth software. From the top toolbar, select "Bluetooth" and then "Preferences." If there is no "Bluetooth" tab, press "Ctrl-P."

Step 4

Change the "Device Type" option to "Headset" using the drop-down menu. Click "OK." Click the "Audio" option in the top or left toolbar. In Bluesoleil, this option is represented by a pair of headphones.

Step 5

Select the "Properties" tab and uncheck the "Use Secure Connection" option.

Step 6

Tap the "Settings" icon on your iPhone's Home screen. Tap "General" and then "Bluetooth." Move the slider bar to the "ON" position.

Step 7

Tap the name of your computer once your iPhone detects it via Bluetooth. Enter the code "0000," "1234" or any other desired PIN when prompted. Enter the same code when prompted by your computer.

Step 8

Locate the iPhone icon within your Bluetooth software. Right-click the name or icon and select "Get Services" and then "Get Name." This designates your iPhone with the name you've given it.

Step 9

Select "Yes" from the authorization prompt that appears within the software. Check the "Always do this..." option before accepting.

Step 10

Open iTunes on your iPhone and play your desired audio track.