How to Play Music on Your iPhone With a Bluetooth Headset

by Julius Vandersteen
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The iPhone, made by Apple, is a smartphone that shoots pictures and videos, runs applications and games and connects to the Internet over cellular data networks and Wi-Fi. It also comes with the iPod app, so you can play music that you rip from CDs with your computer or download from the iTunes Store. You can listen to music through the iPhone's built-in speaker or with the included earbuds, which have a cable that plugs into a jack on the top of the phone. If you don't want to be tethered to the phone, you can use a wireless Bluetooth headset to listen to music.

Step 1

Follow the directions for your particular [Bluetooth]( headset to make it discoverable to your iPhone or to make it search for other Bluetooth devices, which will let it find your iPhone.

Step 2

Tap "Settings" on the iPhone's touchscreen display.

Step 3

Tap "General," then tap "Bluetooth," and then turn on Bluetooth. A list of nearby Bluetooth devices will appear. Tap on the name of the headset to select it.

Step 4

Type the passkey or PIN of the Bluetooth headset into the iPhone. This information should be listed in the documentation that came with the headset. Now the iPhone and the headset are paired.

Tap the iPod icon on the iPhone screen to launch the music-playing app. Tap a song to start playing music, which you will hear through the Bluetooth headset.


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