How to Play Flash Videos on the Wii Internet Channel

by Marie Cartwright
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Like most modern gaming consoles, the Nintendo Wii offers a lot more than just the ability to play video games. The Wii Internet Channel is an Opera-powered browser that enables you to surf the Web right on your TV. Enabling the Internet Channel does require you to download an extra application, but it's available for free. The Internet Channel does support Flash video up to version 8. As of February, 2011 there is no way to upgrade Flash on the Wii. Any videos that require you to use a later version of Flash will not be playable.

Step 1

Select the "Internet Channel" icon from the Wii main menu. The main Internet Channel screen will load. Select "Start." A screen will appear asking if you would like to download the Internet Channel from the Wii store. Select "Download" to launch the Wii store.

Step 2

Select the left on-screen button reading "Free." You will be asked if you would like to download to the internal memory or to your removable SD card. Select whichever device you prefer. Select "Ok" to confirm. Wait for the download to complete. This may take a few minutes depending on the speed of your Wi-Fi connection.

Step 3

Select "Wii Menu" to return to the main menu. Select the "Internet Channel" icon again. Select "Start." Select the "Web Address" button.

Use the on-screen keyboard to type in the URL for the Flash videos that you wish to watch. Simply point the Wiimote at each letter and press the "A" button to enter that letter into the address bar. When finished, select "Ok." After your Web page has loaded, use the Wiimote to click the play button on the Flash player.


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