How to Update the Wii

By R.L. Cultrona

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Cat 5 cable

  • Wii LAN adapter

  • Internet router

  • Wii with Internet connection

The Nintendo Wii is that company's entry into the seventh generation of video game consoles. It is known for having controllers that follow your movements to create a realistic gaming experience. The Wii runs off of firmware that provides the user with an easy interface and several options, such as Internet and email. For the system to work properly, you must periodically update the firmware.

Connecting to the Internet With a Wired Connection

Plug the Wii LAN adapter into one of the USB ports on the Wii. Plug one end of a Cat 5 cable into the LAN adapter and the other end directly into any available ports on an Internet router. Turn on the Wii, and press "A" to access the main screen.

Click the "Wii" button in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen by moving the cursor over it and pressing the "A" button on the Wiimote.

Move the cursor over "Wii Settings" with the Wiimote, and press the "A" button to select it. Move the cursor to the blue right-pointing arrow, and press the "A" button to select the second page of options.

Click the "Internet" command with the Wiimote (moving the cursor and pressing "A"), and select "Connection Settings" from the settings menu. Select "Connection 1" from the list of connections, and then click "Wired Connection" to begin the connection test.

Connecting to the Internet Wirelessly

Make sure that the wireless router is broadcasting (there is usually an indicator on the router that shows this). Turn on the Wii by pressing the power button on the remote or the console. Press "A" to access the main screen.

Click the "Wii" menu in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Move the cursor over to "Wii Settings," and select it by pressing "A." Click on the right-facing blue arrow, and click the "Internet" command on the second settings page.

Click "Connection Settings," and choose "Connection 1" from the menu (move the cursor with the Wiimote and press "A"). Click "Wireless Connection" from the list of connection types.

Click "Search for Access Point" to make the Wii search for the wireless network. Click "OK" on the screen that reads, "Choose which access point you want to connect to." This will bring up a list of wireless networks that the Wii picks up. Move the cursor to your home network, and press "A" to select it.

Enter your security key if you have a password-protected network. Click the "OK" button. Click "Yes" when the Wii asks to save the settings.

Updating the System

Press the power button on the Wii or on the Wiimote. Press the "A" button to go to the menu screen.

Move the cursor with the Wiimote to the "Wii" button in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Press the "A" button to access it.

Move the cursor over "Wii Settings," and press "A." Move the cursor with the Wiimote to the blue right-facing arrow, and press "A" twice to go to the third list of options.

Move the cursor over the "Wii System Update" button. Press "A" to select it.

Place the cursor over the "Yes" selection, and press "A" until the Wii begins searching for the update. The system will download and install updates automatically


As long as your Wii is connected to the Internet, you will be able to download updates. Once connected, the Wii will tell you that an update is available by flashing. If you see your Wii light up, follow the update steps.


Some games will not play with older Wii software. Periodically check to make sure that no updates have been missed.