How to Play Flash Movies on a Wii

by ContributorUpdated July 21, 2017
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There are a handful of services that allow you to stream video from your computer to your Wii using the Wii's Internet browser–however, the only of these services that supports Flash video files (FLV) is Red Kawa's Wii Media Center X. There is a version of Wii Media Center X for Windows, Linux and OS X. While this media server is easy to use both on your computer and on your Wii, it is no longer being actively supported or developed.

Download and install the Wii Media Center X for your operating system.

Copy the FLV files that you want to watch on the Wii to the "C:\Program Files\Red Kawa\Media Center\software\Video\videos" folder. Media Center X will not read FLV files in other folders on your computer.

Run Media Center X on your computer while connected to the same network as your Wii; the Wii will reach over your network to discover the files using Media Center X and will not work if you're running Media Center X on a different network than your Wii. Make note of the IP address and port on the top of the program window–listed in the format "000.000.000:1234"–and write it down or memorize it.

Turn on your Wii and open the Wii Internet Channel. If you don't have the Internet browser installed on your Wii, you can download it for free from Wii Shop Channel.

Click on the "WWW" button on the bottom of the Wii Internet browser and enter the IP address and port listed on Media Center X as a URL. Make sure that you put the "http://" before the address. This will show your Media Center X options, including the video options.


Orb MyCast is another service that allows you to stream from your computer to your Wii using the Wii browser; however, it does not list FLV support among the video streaming options.

Items you will need

  • Wii

  • Internet connection



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