How to Play Audio Through a Bluetooth

by Leighton Sawatzky
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Bluetooth is a high-speed, short-range wireless communication protocol. It's fast enough to transmit high-quality audio signals to audio devices, like headsets or speakers, that are within 30 feet. If you have a Bluetooth-enabled computer, you can connect a Bluetooth audio device to it and use it as your computer's primary audio playback device. Both the computer and Bluetooth audio device need some setting up beforehand, though.

Step 1

Put your audio device in "discovery" mode. Most devices are put in discovery mode by holding their main control button until their indicator light turns a solid blue, but this process may differ depending on the type of [Bluetooth]( audio device you are using. Check the device's owner's manual for specific instructions.

Step 2

Open "Devices and Printers" from your computer's "Start" menu and click the "Add a device" button. Your computer then searches for and lists any devices available to connect to; your Bluetooth audio device should be shown.

Step 3

Select your Bluetooth audio device and click "Next." Enter the device's security passkey if prompted. Most devices use "0000," but yours may differ. Again, check the owner's manual if this code doesn't work for your device.

Step 4

Open "Control Panel" from the "Start" menu and click "Hardware and Sound," then the "Manage audio devices" link in the "Sound" section. You should see your Bluetooth audio device listed under the "Playback" tab.

Select the Bluetooth audio device and click the "Set Default" button near the bottom of the window. Your Bluetooth device should now play any sounds produced by your computer.


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