How to Get Phone Calls to & From a Landline Phone or a Cell Phone

by Michelle Castle
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When you have both a landline phone and a cell phone, you may wish to transfer phone calls from your cell phone to your landline phone and vice versa. Using a docking station gives you the option of making and receiving cell-phone calls using your home phone, which may be more comfortable to talk on and can reduce the need for landline phone service. Meanwhile, simply forwarding phone calls from your landline to your cell phone can allow you to answer phone calls almost anywhere you are. Forwarding calls from your cell to your landline phone can conserve your cell's battery.

Docking Stations

Step 1

Purchase a cellular docking station capable of connecting to your cell phone. Cell phones can connect using adapter cables or wireless [Bluetooth]( technology.

Step 2

Plug in the docking station, and connect it to your cell phone using the appropriate adapter cord or Bluetooth.

Step 3

Connect the docking station to a cordless phone system capable of answering calls from two lines. The phone handsets will have buttons to choose which line to use when making phone calls.

Select the cellular option on the home handset, and use the home phone to make a test call using your cellular service.

Call Forwarding

Step 1

Dial *72 on a phone to forward it to another line.

Step 2

Dial your cell phone number after hearing the dial tone if you are transferring calls from your landline to a cell phone. Dial your home phone number and press your cell phone's call button if you are transferring cell-phone calls to a landline phone.

Dial *73 to cancel call forwarding.


  • Do not connect a cellular docking station to your building's telephone wiring if a landline connection to the phone company exists. Your docking station and telephone wiring might be damaged.


  • Make sure a compatible adapter for your cell phone is available before purchasing a docking station. Not every docking station can connect to every cell phone.


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