How to Pair with Sony Ericsson Headset

by Shawn McClain
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Sony Ericsson's line of Bluetooth headsets are designed to keep you listening to audio from a wide variety of devices without requiring that you be tethered to the device by a wire. Like all Bluetooth devices, the Sony Ericsson headset must first go through a pairing process with the device you want to connect it to. This process establishes the connection and ensures that the owner of each device approves of the pairing. The headset can pair with any Bluetooth device that uses audio, like a cell phone, gaming system or computer.

Pair with a Computer

Step 1

Charge your Sony Ericsson headset for 20 minutes.

Step 2

Turn the headset off by holding down the power button for several seconds.

Step 3

Press and hold the power button on your Sony Ericsson headset for about five seconds to put the headset into pairing mode. On some headsets, a pairing icon will appear on the headset's display, while on others, the indicator light will flash green and red.

Step 4

Click the "Start" button, then select "Control Panel" from the menu.

Step 5

Select "Add a device" from the Hardware and Sound menu of the Control Panel. If your control panel uses icons instead of categories, click "Devices and Printer," then click "Add a device."

Step 6

Select your Sony Ericsson headset from the list of devices that appears and click "Next" to continue.

Enter "0000" when asked for a passcode, then click "Next" to complete the pairing process.

Pair with Another Device

Step 1

Charge your headset for about 20 minutes to ensure it has enough power to complete the pairing process. If you are pairing your Sony Ericsson headset with another mobile device, like a cell phone, charge that device as well.

Step 2

Turn your headset off by holding down the power button. Then press and hold the power button for five seconds to turn on the headset and force it into pairing mode.

Step 3

Access the Bluetooth menu on your device and turn it on, if necessary.

Step 4

Select the "Search," "New" or "Add" option to have the device search for other nearby Bluetooth devices. Some devices, like the iPhone, will automatically start searching for devices when you enter this menu.

Select your Sony Ericsson headset from the list of devices. Enter "0000" when asked for a passkey to complete the pairing process.


  • Most devices will automatically route audio to a connected Bluetooth headset, but if yours does not, you will need to access the Audio menu and choose the headset as the default audio output device. On a computer, just right-click the speaker icon in your system tray and choose "Playback devices" to access the Audio menu, then repeat the process for "Recording devices."


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