How to Pair Multiple Phones on a Pioneer Bluetooth Car Receiver

By Shawn McClain

Your Pioneer car receiver uses Bluetooth technology to allow you to connect your mobile phone to the receiver and use you phone through your car's audio system. For the mobile phone to work, it has to go through a pairing process, where the receiver and the phone establish a secure connection that can be reestablished with ease. The exact number of Bluetooth devices you can have connected to the receiver will depend on the model that you have, but they all can establish more than one connection.

Turn your mobile phone's Bluetooth technology on. This process is a little different for each Bluetooth device, but the Bluetooth menu should be either under the main menu or the "Settings" menu. There will be an option in the menu to turn Bluetooth on or off.

Place one of the mobile phones into pairing mode. There will be an option in the Bluetooth menu called "Pairing mode," "Discoverable mode" or "Make device discoverable." Choose the option to make your device discoverable for the next three minutes.

Tap the left side of your Pioneer receiver screen to bring up the source menu. Press the "SRC/OFF" button, located beneath the screen, to scroll through the available sources until you see "TEL/Audio." Tap "TEL/Audio" to continue.

Tap the Bluetooth icon on your screen, located in the bottom, left corner, to bring up the Bluetooth connection menu. You will have a list of the empty slots that are available for Bluetooth connections.

Touch the slot labeled "Phone 1" and then press the magnifying glass icon in the top, right corner of the screen. Your Pioneer system will search for a few seconds and then display a list of nearby devices that it found. Tap the name of your mobile phone that you put into discoverable mode.

Enter the default PIN code of "0000" into the phone to complete the pairing process.

Place the second mobile phone into discoverable mode.

Touch the slot labeled "Phone 2" and press the magnifying glass icon. Tap the name of the phone once it is listed and then enter the same PIN code, "0000," into the phone. Both your devices are now connected to the Pioneer Bluetooth car receiver.