How to Pair your Motorola Bluetooth Earpiece with Another Device

by Bennett Gavrish
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Motorola produces a Bluetooth earpiece device that allows users to make and receive phone calls without touching their phone, which is especially important while driving. The Motorola earpiece connects to cell phones using Bluetooth wireless technology, and it can be paired with only one mobile device at a time.

Step 1

Enable [Bluetooth]( on your cell phone. Open "Connection" in the main settings menu. Select "Setup," then "Bluetooth Link," then "Power > On."

Step 2

Put your Bluetooth earpiece into pairing mode by moving the "Power" switch toward the microphone. Hold the switch until you see a steady blue light appear on the device.

Step 3

Go back to the "Bluetooth Link" section of your phone's settings menu and select the "Hands-free" option.

Step 4

Choose "Look for devices. Wait for the phone to scan for nearby Bluetooth accessories.

Step 5

Highlight the name of your Bluetooth earpiece from the list of found devices and press "OK" to pair the headset with your phone.

Step 6

Enter "0000" when prompted for the passkey.

Press "OK" to finish the pairing process and start using your Bluetooth earpiece.


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