How to Pair Bluetooth on a Toshiba

By Matthew Fortuna

i Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images

With wireless technology taking over the world, Bluetooth capabilities are being added to devices of every medium. First appearing on cellular phones and mobile devices, wireless Bluetooth has been expanded to laptop computers. Among the computer manufacturers offering Bluetooth, Toshiba has made its laptops able to accommodate this wireless feature through a small USB adaptor that plugs directly into the computer. The Toshiba adaptor utilizes the same technology as cell phone Bluetooth, and has only to be activated on your computer for it to be paired with nearby devices.

Step 1

Find the "Bluetooth Stack" program in your computer and double-click it to open it. It is originally available as a desktop icon, but can also be found within your programs.

Step 2

Click "Connection Settings" in the "Bluetooth Stack" menu and select "Bluetooth Discovery Mode." At this time you can turn on the device you wish to pair your computer to.

Step 3

Select "Add Device" on the main menu bar of Bluetooth Stack and click "Add." Click "Next" on the first page of the "Bluetooth Add Wizard."

Step 4

Search the list of available Bluetooth devices for the device you are trying to pair with. Click the desired device and select "Next."

Step 5

Enter the passkey for your device and click "Pair." Allow the devices to connect and click "Finish."