How to Pair Bluetooth with an iPod

by Tara Kimball

IPod personal audio devices originally required a set of wired headphones for listening to loaded audio files. You can connect a Bluetooth device to your iPod if it is equipped with Bluetooth functionality. Most iPod models are Bluetooth-capable. Add wireless headphones in minutes, providing more flexibility in your day-to-day activities while still listening to your favorite music.

Set your Bluetooth device in discovery mode. The exact process for this will vary based on the device and the manufacturer. Check the instructions that came with the device.

Tap the Settings menu on your iPod. Select the General menu option followed by Bluetooth.

Select On to activate the Bluetooth service on your iPod. Select the Bluetooth device in the list of available devices that pops up once you turn the Bluetooth service on.

Enter the passkey or PIN supplied with the Bluetooth device, if necessary. Click "OK." Wait for the iPod screen to confirm that pairing is successful.


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