How to Pair Bluetooth Dongle Devices

By Shawn McClain

A Bluetooth donlge will let any computer get Bluetooth technology.
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Bluetooth technology allows two individual devices or machines to create a small private network where the devices can exchange information. This technology is often used to connect headsets to mobile phones, but you can also find it in computers, MP3 players and even televisions. If a machine, like a computer, doesn't have Bluetooth technology installed, you can insert a Bluetooth dongle, which is a small adapter that plugs into a port on the machine and will provide a Bluetooth connection that the machine can use. Newer Bluetooth dongles don't need a pairing process, since they just act as a connection point, but older dongles only allowed a headset to connect to the machine they were plugged in to, and would have to be paired with the headset in order to operate.

Turn off any additional Bluetooth devices, other than the thing you are trying to pair with the dongle. The dongle will not be able to differentiate between devices, and will pair with the first Bluetooth device it finds.

Insert the Bluetooth dongle into your computer or device. Most Bluetooth dongles plug into a USB port on a computer, but there are a few different types of Bluetooth dongles that plug in to other devices, like a two-way radio.

Place the dongle into pairing mode. This process will be a little different, depending on your model of dongle. Most will have a switch on the side, or a large button on the face of the dongle. Flip the switch, or hold the button, until the LED flashes rapidly or turns a steady color. Consult your dongle product documentation for instructions specific to your dongle.

Put your headset into pairing, or discoverable, mode. Some newer Bluetooth headset will automatically enter pairing mode if they do not find a current Bluetooth connect when they are powered on. For other headsets, you may have to hold down the multifunction button on the headset, or sometimes even a combination of buttons, until the LED flashes rapidly or turns a solid color.

Wait a few seconds for the dongle and your headset to finish the pairing process. The LED indicator on the dongle will change color when your have successfully paired a headset.