How to Make a Laptop Discoverable

By Mario Calhoun

Enable your laptop's Bluetooth feature to allow other users to connect to your computer.
i David Sacks/Lifesize/Getty Images

Your laptop is not discoverable by default, as the security setting on the computer blocks others from gaining access while your Bluetooth feature is not enabled. If you wish to share files with other Bluetooth devices, you must enable the tool, which will allow your computer to be discoverable and for others to send a connection request. Once enabled, files can be transferred between your computer and Bluetooth devices while you are linked together. Multiple devices can be linked to your computer, but your computer can only transfer data between one device at a time.

Enable PC Bluetooth

Turn on the alternate device's Bluetooth feature. The Bluetooth feature must be activated in order for the computer to discover the device.

Click "Windows" in the lower left corner of the desktop and then click "Control Panel."

Click "Add a device" under the "Hardware and Sound" section in the Control Panel.

Click the type of device you wish to connect to your computer via Bluetooth, then click "Next."

Enter the Bluetooth passcode displayed on the device's screen, or enter the passcode found in the device's manual to link it to the computer.

Mac Bluetooth Enabling

Click the Apple menu at the top of the desktop's screen and select "System Preferences."

Click "Sharing" and click the "Bluetooth Sharing" check box. Click the left arrow button, then click "Bluetooth."

Click the check box next to "On," and click the check box next to "Discoverable" to enable Bluetooth on your Macintosh computer.

Click "Bluetooth Setup Assistant" to run the setup wizard, which links your Bluetooth device to the computer.