How to Make a Call Using a Bluetooth

By Peyton Brookes

Your Bluetooth headset offers convenience and safety features.
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Your Bluetooth headset allows you to make and receive calls wirelessly. As a result, the technology offers convenience and safety. Bluetooth works with your cell phone by sending and receiving information. In order to initiate a telephone call, you should pair, or connect, your Bluetooth headset with your cell phone. Once these are connected, you can make calls using the traditional dialing method or using your voice if your phone supports voice dialing.

Connect Your Phone with Your Headset

Power on your headset and open your phone's main menu and select "Settings." Hold your cell phone and your headset at least within 30 cm of each other.

Click or tap "Wireless Settings" and then select "Bluetooth."

Click "Enable Bluetooth" to turn your phone's Bluetooth radio on.

Click or tap "Discoverable," which makes your phone available to other Bluetooth devices, including your headset.

Select "Scan" or "Scan for Devices" on your phone. Your phone should recognize your Bluetooth headset.

Select the headset on your phone's screen to connect. Enter the passkey provided by the headset manufacturer. Press the power button on your headset briefly to ensure connection with your cell phone.

Make a Telephone Call

Open your phone's keypad or dial the number you would like to call. Alternatively, if your phone supports voice dialing, tap the headset's talk button and say the name of the individual after you hear a beep.

Press the talk key to initiate the call. You should hear the telephone ringing in your headset. Start your conversation through the headset.

Press the end key on your phone or briefly tap the headset end button to terminate the call.