How to Make a Bluetooth Fit Better

By Kathryn Hatter

Bluetooth headsets have a uniform general design; however, each has a slightly different shape, and these slight variations can make a big difference when it comes to comfort and fit. To avoid purchasing a Bluetooth headset that fits improperly or uncomfortably, purchase a Bluetooth headset from a store where you can hold it and see the shape and features prior to purchasing.

Purchase a Bluetooth headset with an ear loop that you can wear on either ear. Choose a headset as lightweight as possible to ease discomfort on your ear(s). Choose an "in ear" or "on ear" design: "In ear" designs will afford better sound quality and a more secure fit; however, "on ear" designs may feel more comfortable (especially for extended wear).

Determine the availability of optional ear inserts that will make your "in ear" Bluetooth headset fit more securely and comfortably. Generally, these ear inserts fit over the existing ear bud of the headset and keep the headset firmly in your ear while delivering clearer sound.

Alternate ears to reduce the discomfort on one ear: When the headset begins to feel uncomfortable on one ear, change the ear loop and switch the headset to the other.

Carry the Bluetooth headset in a convenient location (pouch or pocket), and only use it when you make or take a phone call. This will reduce tension and discomfort on your ear by preventing you from wearing the headset for extended periods.

Purchase a different headset if your current headset feels too uncomfortable. Read reviews and look carefully at the designs of several different headsets to choose one that may provide a better fit.