How to Make a Bluetooth Discoverable

By Carl Hose

Bluetooth allows wireless transmission between a variety of gadgets.
i audio-set, bluetooth image by Andrey Chmelyov from

Bluetooth is a technology used in cell phones, computers, headsets and other devices capable of wireless transmission at short distances. Devices that are Bluetooth-enabled typically have the option of turning the feature on or off and putting it in non-discoverable mode to keep other Bluetooth devices from picking it up. To make your Bluetooth-enabled device able to be picked up by another Bluetooth-enabled device, you need to be in discovery mode. Setting this mode varies from device to device, and referring to your device's instruction book is the best way to get exact instructions.

Locate the appropriate menu on your device. On a computer, your Bluetooth control will typically be located in the control panel, which you can access by clicking the "Contol Panel" option and then finding and clicking on the Bluetooth options. On a cell phone, Bluetooth will be located on your phone's menu under the "Bluetooth" option.

Locate the "Make Device Discoverable" option in your Bluetooth settings menu. A password may be required if you have set a password for your computer or phone. For cell phones that you have not set a password for, the code is either "0000" or "1111." If neither of these codes work, contact your cell phone service carrier. They will be able to give you the default code.

Set your Bluetooth device for "Allow device to be discovered," "Discoverable" or turn discovery mode to the on position. Some devices allow you to make your device discoverable for a limited time. If this is the case, you may need to turn it on again after the discovery time has elasped. You can usually change this option so you're always in discovery mode.