How to Label CD's with Lightscribe

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LightScribe is a new technology that is hitting the mainstream by storm. It is easy to do and a great way to label your CD's. The CD burner on your computer laser etches a picture, work of art, or words directly onto the top portion of the CD. It will not fade or rub off as there is no ink involved. Best of all, it looks incredible and the technology is only going to get better.

Check on your CD burner to see if it has the LightScribe logo on it. Since it is a type of technology and not a brand it is written right onto the face plate of the disk drive. Many but not all CD burners on the market have the capability, but not all makers have added the functionality.

Buy LightScribe CD's, they are widely available at office supply and computer stores in gold color, but many more colors are becoming available at main stream electronic and discount stores as the technology becomes more popular.

Install the software that came with your disk drive to set up what type of label you wish to create. If the software is unavailable for some reason you can purchase the LightScribe Labeler software that walks you through the labeling process or you can download a free trial version.

Insert you LightScribe CD into the disc drive bottom side down as you would a "normal" CD. Burn the data or music you wish to save onto the CD. When finished buring, flip the LightScribe CD over, so that the data side is facing up.

Create the label you wish to etch on your CD with your installed software. When ready, select to etch or label your CD. Depending on the software you have chosen to use, it will ask if you are sure you wish to continue and then it will show how long it will take to complete the label and a progress bar.

Import your music play list from Windows Media Player or iTunes to add the song titles to the label of your music CD's. Each software is slightly different to do this so check your software's online guide.


  • check To gain or reduce contrast use the contrast utility provided if you are using a Windows based computer.
  • check Use the "Title Mode" burning option as it is quicker than Full Mode.
  • check Use high resolution digital pictures in .jpeg, .bmp and .tff format for best results on a LightScribe label.

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