Jabra Bluetooth Pairing Instructions

By Amy McClain

i Jack Hollingsworth/Photodisc/Getty Images

If your cell phone supports a Bluetooth headset profile, you can easily use it with almost any Jabra Bluetooth headset. Pair your phone and headset prior to use, a process that allows the devices to communicate. Jabra recommends charging your headset fully before pairing. Connect your headset to a compatible charger for approximately two hours. The battery is charged when the indicator lights turn off. Leave the headset powered off until it's time for pairing.

Step 1

Power on your phone and press "Menu." Select "Settings" or "Tools." Choose the "Bluetooth" option, then select "Power." Choose "On" to turn Bluetooth on. Press "End" to return to the home screen.

Step 2

Press and hold the center "Answer/End" button, on the front of the headset. Release the button after several seconds (generally five to 10), when the indicator light remains solidly lit. The device is in pairing mode.

Step 3

Open your phone's main menu and select "Settings" or "Tools," then "Bluetooth." Choose "Search for Device" or "Add New." Your phone will now attempt to locate your headset. Make sure they are in range: less than 33 feet apart, with no obstructions.

Step 4

Highlight the name of your Jabra headset form the list of discovered devices that appears. Choose "Pair." You will be prompted for the headset's pass key. Type "0000" and press "OK." Your phone will confirm successful pairing and connect to your headset.