Instructions for a Wireless Gear Bluetooth Headset

By Amanda Kondolojy

Instructions for a Wireless Gear Bluetooth Headset
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The Wireless Gear brand of Bluetooth headset is an economical choice if you need a no-nonsense headset that works with your cell phone. One of the best features of the Wireless Gear Bluetooth headset is its single-button interface, which makes the device simple to use.

Charge your headset. Before you will be able to use your headset, you will have to charge it fully. Plug your Bluetooth headset into the power adapter and leave it plugged in for at least two hours. While the headset is charging, a red light will be illuminated. When the battery is fully charged, the light will turn off and you can safely unplug your headset.

Sync the Bluetooth headset with your cell phone. Do this by pressing and holding the button on the side of the phone for eight seconds. A blue and red light will flash.

Set your phone to search for Bluetooth devices. When the phone finds your Bluetooth device, it will display the device as "Bluetooth Headset 4PR909." Then enter the pass code as "0000." If the syncing process has been successful, the blue light will flash.

Answer/end calls. After your headset is connected, you can answer/end calls by pressing the phone button on the outside of the headset once to answer a call and then to hang up.