Instructions for a Motor Trend Headset

by Daisy Cuinn

Motor Trend uses the Max4x enhancement chip to optimize sound quality and reduce background noise in its Bluetooth headset. Before purchasing a Motor Trend headset, make sure it is compatible with your cell phone and that your phone uses Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth connects the headset to the phone wirelessly for hands-free usage.

Step 1

Charge the phone and the headset using the included chargers. Turn the phone on and make sure the [Bluetooth]( function is turned on. Don't turn the headset on yet.

Step 2

Press the "function" button on the headset and hold it until the light flashes red and blue two times.

Step 3

Select the "search" option on your cell phone's Bluetooth device. When the headset is detected, confirm. When asked for a passcode, type in "0000" and confirm. The headset light will flash blue when successfully connected to the cell phone.

Turn on the headset for use.


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