Instructions for a Motor Trend Headset

By Daisy Cuinn

Motor Trend uses the Max4x enhancement chip to optimize sound quality and reduce background noise in its Bluetooth headset. Before purchasing a Motor Trend headset, make sure it is compatible with your cell phone and that your phone uses Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth connects the headset to the phone wirelessly for hands-free usage.

Charge the phone and the headset using the included chargers. Turn the phone on and make sure the Bluetooth function is turned on. Don't turn the headset on yet.

Press the "function" button on the headset and hold it until the light flashes red and blue two times.

Select the "search" option on your cell phone's Bluetooth device. When the headset is detected, confirm. When asked for a passcode, type in "0000" and confirm. The headset light will flash blue when successfully connected to the cell phone.

Turn on the headset for use.