Hooking Up the iPad to Bose Radios

By William Pullman

If the iPad speaker isn't loud enough, connect the tablet to a Bose radio to listen to your music.
i Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Bose designed the Wave radios with support for external audio devices, including tablets such as the Apple iPad. With the Wave Bluetooth Music Adapter, which is sold separately, you can create a Bluetooth connection between the Bose radio and the iPad, then listen to your music collection over the radio speakers. You must pair the iPad with the Wave Bluetooth Music Adapter to play music on the Bose radio.

Step 1

Plug the Wave Bluetooth Music Adapter cable into the "Bose Link" port on the back of the radio.

Step 2

Press the "AUX" button on the radio repeatedly until "Bluetooth" appears and then press the preset button "5" for five seconds. The indicator light on the adapter blinks and the radio LED screen reads "Discoverable."

Step 3

Tap "Settings" on the iPad, touch "Bluetooth" in the menu and then tap the "Bluetooth" switch to turn on Bluetooth. The iPad searches for Bluetooth devices and "Bose Adapter" appears on the list.

Step 4

Touch "Bose Adapter" and enter "0000" as the passcode. The radio beeps, indicating a successful pairing, and the LED display changes to "Bluetooth."

Step 5

Tap "Music" on the iPad home screen, navigate to the song you want to play and then tap the song. Turn up the volume on the iPad and on the Bose radio to hear the song through the Bose.