How to Enable Bluetooth in a Lenovo S10

By Chad Buleen

Enable Bluetooth on a Lenovo S10.
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If you have a Lenovo S10 computer and are hoping to increase the accessibility and ease of use, you may want to enable Bluetooth technology on the computer. By enabling Bluetooth, you can use wireless headsets, wireless keyboards, wireless printers and other wireless devices. The Lenovo S10 runs on the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system. You must use the Vista system tools to enable Bluetooth on the computer.

Push the "Power" button or flip the "Power" switch on the Bluetooth device to turn it on.

Click "Start" on your computer and select "Control Panel." Click "Classic View" in the left pane.

Double-click the "Bluetooth Devices" icon.

Click "Add Wireless Device."

Click the Bluetooth device that you want to enable.

Click "OK." The Bluetooth device now is enabled.