How to Download the Uconnect Phone Book

By Jocelyn Kerr

Sync your phone to Uconnect to automatically sync your phone book.
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Dial any number in your mobile phone book without ever touching your phone using Uconnect. Chrysler developed Uconnect to sync their vehicles with your mobile device so you can reach any of your contacts using voice-activated, hands-free commands. "Phonebook Download" is a Uconnect option to download up to 1000 contacts from up to 10 mobile phones. Contacts are automatically downloaded and updated each time the phone is in the car. To use Uconnect, pair your phone to the car with Bluetooth. Once you've paired Uconnect with a phone they'll automatically stay in sync.

Step 1

Put the vehicle in Park. You won't be able to access the setup menu unless you're in Park.

Step 2

Press the "Phone" icon on your display screen. A pop-up will ask, "No phone connected. Would you like to pair a phone?" Select "Yes."

Step 3

Open the Bluetooth settings on your mobile phone. IPhone users go to "Settings" and tap "Bluetooth." Move the slider to "On." Android phone users tap the "Settings" icon, then tap "Wireless & networks" to slide the Bluetooth slider on. The device and the car will go into scanning mode. You'll see a "Please wait" screen on both.

Step 4

Enter the Bluetooth pairing PIN that appears on your car display into the pairing PIN field on your phone. The phone is now paired to Uconnect. Your car display will ask if you want to make this your favorite phone. Select "Yes" or "No." The phonebook automatically downloads when the phones are paired.

Step 5

Add additional phones if needed. In the "Phone" tab of your car display choose "Settings," then choose "Phone/Bluetooth." Select "Add Device" and follow the same pairing steps as the first phone. Repeat this for up to ten devices.