How Do I Place My Bluetooth Into Discoverable Mode? (3 Steps)

By Michelle Varsallona

Set your Bluetooth device into pairing mode so it can be recognized by your phone or computer.
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When you get a new Bluetooth device, it has to be paired with your cell phone or computer before you can start using it. Pairing the devices will allow them to recognize each other each time Bluetooth is enabled, so they can be used together. The process of pairing with the phone or computer involves the phone or computer being set in “discovery” mode while the smaller device is in “pairing,” or a discoverable, mode. The device will be recognized by the phone or computer when the process is complete, and you will be ready to use the device.

Step 1

Fully charge the Bluetooth device using the charging dock or plug that came with it. You may see a light while it is charging; you will know it is complete when the light turns off.

Step 2

Press and hold the pairing button on the mouse, headset or keyboard. On headsets, it's typically the large button on the outside.

Step 3

Wait until the LED light on the outside of the headset flashes. The headset is now ready to be paired with another Bluetooth-capable device.