How to do Formulas in Word 2007

By Emmanuelle Douglas

Formulas are done using the Calculate feature in Word 2007.
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Word 2007 gives you the ability to do formulas within your document. This can save you time when you need to quickly calculate a value and do not want copy and paste from Excel. Utilize the Calculate feature in Word 2007 to accomplish formulas within your Word document.

Open Word and view the blank document. Type the following formula: "12*6+15." Word can calculate the total of the formula by using the Calculate feature. But by default, this feature is not activated, and needs to be added to your Quick Access Toolbar. Once added, it will remain there until it is removed.

Access your Quick Access Toolbar drop-down list. Select "More Commands." The Word Options dialog box appears. Change the Choose commands from option to "All Commands." Scroll through the list and select "Calculate." Click on the "Add" button. Click "OK." The Command button has been added to the Quick Access Toolbar.

Highlight your formula and click on the "Calculate" button on your Quick Access Toolbar. Look at the status bar to see the result. You should see the following: "The result of the calculation is 87."