How to Copy Pictures From One iPhone to Another iPhone

by Chelle Handley

The iPhone's built-in Bluetooth capability coupled with a free Apple store app makes copying or transferring images from one device to another a cinch. When sent, each image retains its original format and size, so the image received has no degradation to quality. Using the Bluetooth eliminates the need for a Wi-Fi connection, and prevents additional charges against your data plan.

Download the App


Plug the Apple USB cable into the computer and iPhone. If iTunes does not launch automatically, double-click the iTunes icon to launch the program. Click "App Store" located in the horizontal navigation bar. Click the "iPhone" button.


Type "Photo Transfer" into the search box located in the upper right corner. Press "Enter" on the keyboard. Click the "Power Search."


Click the dropdown menu under "Power Search." Click "Apps." Type "Photo Transfer" in the box under "Title/Keywords" and leave the box under "Developer Name" blank.


Click the dropdown box under "Category." Choose "Utilities." Click the dropdown box under "Device Compatibility" and choose "iPhone." Check the box next to "Search only for free Apps." Click "Search."


Click "See All" next to "iPhone Apps." Click "Bluetooth PhotoShare," then click "Free App." Click the "iPhone" image in the left navigation bar. Click "Apps" located at the top of the center window.


Click "Sync Apps" and locate the "Bluetooth PhotoShare" app in the application list. Check the box next to the app name. Click "Sync" located on the bottom right side of the window to transfer the app to the iPhone.

Transfer Pictures


Tap the "Bluetooth PhotoShare" icon and then tap the "Connect" button. If asked, tap "OK" to turn on the Bluetooth service. The iPhone looks for and lists all of the available Bluetooth-enabled devices.


Tap the device, and then tap "Accept" to connect. "Connect To:" and the device name appears in the header. Click "Send."


Open the library and tap the image. The iPhone sends the image via Bluetooth.

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